About Us

Bowwow Hollow Puppies is located in scenic central Pennslvania. Our goal is to bring you only the healthiest, happiest puppies available. To ensure this, we have a local veterinarian (Dr. Jason Brehm, from Millerstown Veterinary Associates) stop in every week to check the puppies. Every puppy we sell comes with a health certificate, stating that the puppy is healthy. Every puppy also comes with a written health guarantee, and a written vaccination and health record.

We are licensed and inspected by the State of Pennsylvania, our license number is 04888, and we are licensed and inspected by the United States department of Agriculture, our license number is 23-B-0190.

Our goal is to help your family find the next perfect addition!

Our address is:

95 Harmony Drive, Mifflintown Pa 17059 1048. If your GPS cannot find that, try putting this in your GPS: Texas Hollow Rd, Mifflintown Pa 17059. We have a large sign out front at the end of our lane. By appointment only, please!


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